Traction vs Distraction

We have all found ourselves losing traction in regard to important, though most often non urgent projects. This brief tip may give you permission to drift away from your plan on occasion.

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Ian Whitfield
Fifty Shades of Red: The Dark Side of Tactical Addiction

One of our primary assessment tools is the Birkman Method® which measures many aspects of ones personality and preferences. The assessment uses four colours to describe key aspects of work and life. Blue represents the planners/thinkers; Green are the communicators/outside sales; Yellow are process/systems people and Red represents those who bring energy and action to the team. All four colours are necessary to have a healthy and productive team, however all four colours have their own short comings in certain contexts. 

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The 7% Factor

One of the biggest reasons executives don't invest in their and their teams executive development revolves around the idea that it is difficult to measure. The lack of urgency in this area is often a result of not knowing how much it costs to do nothing to nothing to address poor leadership.

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7% factorIan Whitfield
Indicators of a High Performing Team

A good portion of our work involves working with teams. We work with teams in both large and small organizations as size doesn't matter because the challenges are the same. Our goal when when working with a team is to not only increase their performance, but also to give them the reputation as high performing team in their industry and organization.

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Andrea Whitfield