Workshops Overview

Our workshops are highly interactive and entertaining while providing participants with valuable, actionable insights. While some are more conducive to half or full day formats, others may be adapted to shorter keynote opportunities. Many clients enjoy combining sessions to create their own unique suite of training. 



This fun and engaging presentation offers options of 1-4 hours. Participants discover the incredible power of understanding themselves and others and most importantly how placing the right person in the right position yields great results. 

The four hour workshop includes an in-depth individual Birkman reports.

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The Value of Values

Leaders primary struggle in creating high performing teams is less about technical competence as it is behaviours that disrupt the overall culture.  Understanding and developing CORE values creates tremendous clarity around the behaviours that need to be embedded for success. 

[Keynote or Workshop format 1-3 hours]



The ability to effectively coach others has proven to be the most important important skill for the successful leader. This 2-3 hour workshop introduces the participants to what coaching is, the key skills needed and the opportunity to observe live coaching and practice themselves. 

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90% of a leader's long-term success depends upon their ability to grow their emotional intelligence (EI). This 60 minute keynote will introduce participants to EI and allow them to evaluate where they need to focus their own development. 

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Creating Clarity (Vision and Mission)

This 2-4 hour workshop may be run with a leadership team or just the key leader depending upon the organization's complexity. Understanding what you do and who you, and your company want to become is incredibly motivating for those both in and outside your business. 

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process versus a workshop. It combines a variety of our key teaching and facilitation workshops to create a blueprint for business success. 

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Organizational HealtH

This insightful presentation will help attendees discover the unique advantages that healthy organizations offer over those who focus only upon the science, or technical aspects of success. 

[Keynote format]


The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

This 3 hour introductory workshop unpacks Patrick Lencione's popular model of team development.  Participants evaluate where they and their teams may be lacking and more importantly what they can do about it.

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The Leadership Ladder

Combining the best of Steven Covey, John Maxwell and Jim Collins this 60 minute keynote is both informative and entertaining. Participants gain a powerful understanding of what leadership is, how their own worldview affects their leadership and how to grow their leadership influence. This keynote has proven to be impactful around the world, in many different cultures. 

[Keynote format]





Clarifying expectations, Agreeing on objectives, Reviewing progress and Equipping for success combine to make a great leader. This unique and engaging keynote can easily be turned into a workshop allowing attendees the opportunity to learn how to quickly and effectively engage any team. 

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Delegation: The Art of the Give Away

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing new managers is the ability to empower others when they have historically been rewarded for what they do themselves. New managers struggle with knowing what to delegate and how to do it. This 90 minute workshop provides the participant with the tools and framework to do both. 

[Workshop format]


Meetings: A Barometer of Health

In this 2-3 hour workshop participants will discover the various types of meetings from the morning huddle to the annual offsite as well as each of their purposes. They will evaluate their current situation and determine which meetings they have or need to incorporate. They will learn how to add ‘drama’ to any meeting in order to ensure maximum participation. 

[Workshop format]


Micro Habits: The Key to Change

Most people have good intentions to become better, to improve in some area of their life either personally or professionally, however the majority also fail to do so. This 45 minute workshop or keynote examines the science behind real change and what stops most people from achieving the results they truly want. Participants discover how 60 second habits, strung together, can create real change.

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SWOT Analysis

Before you can move forward you have to look back. Running an effective SWOT analysis of your business is tremendously helpful in determining what the next steps should be to achieve your objectives. Done with a senior leadership team, length of workshop dependent upon the client's needs.

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