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Presentation mastery:

The Art and Science of Great Communication

We're convinced that everyone can become a better presenter

PRESENTATION MASTERY acts as a bootcamp for all aspiring communicators. You will learn how to create compelling presentations that connect with your audience and most importantly inspire them to change.

Presentation Mastery is a hands on program designed to equip participants with the following skills:

  • How to create focus for each and every presentation

  • The ability to understand the audience and their needs

  • How to edit content to find the most important information

  • How to create slide decks that people actually want to watch

  • An understanding and application of design principles

  • How to overcome stage fright and connect with any audience

  • How to critique a presentation of any kind, including theirs

86% of executives stated that being an effective communicator had a direct impact upon their career.
— Nancy Duarte

This program has a workshop focus. Participants will develop, or redo, a presentation of their own from start to finish. Each participant will receive three hours of 1:1 presentation coaching.


Training is delivered over three full days either consecutively or over a period of time depending upon the circumstances. Coaching may be done during the program or at the end depending upon the participants needs. 

Have more than 10 employees to be trained? Consider bringing this training program into your workplace. We can customize to your specific needs and workplace context.


DAY ONE: Presentation Primer

  • Learn why presentation skills are key to professional success

  • Discover how to create a Big Idea (focus) for every presentation

  • Understand the power of knowing your audience and their needs

  • Create a map of your presentation using sticky notes

  • Infuse your presentation content with energy through 'pulse'

DAY TWO: Slide Science

  • Learn the difference between design and decoration

  • Discover how great design distinguishes great organizations

  • Unpack and apply presentation design principles

  • Learn key powerpoint design tips and tricks

  • Translate your presentation map using great design into a powerpoint

DAY THREE: Stage Supremacy

  • Learn how to overcome stage fright through mental focus

  • Create audience empathy

  • Learn how to connect with any audience using the 3/5 focal strategy

  • Understand how to critique any presentation and practice doing it

  • Live present to other participants with their feedback


Public Workshops

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Ian’s presentation training aids are really making a difference. I just completed training over 500 employees and contractors in H&S requirements for major plant repairs. It was very interactive especially the group sessions, I had to stop the discussion not start it!
— - Joshua Pauleti, Health & Safey Manager, LafargeHolcim Zambia, Africa




B.Comm, C.E.C.

Ian is a Certified Executive Coach through RoyalRoads University and an Advanced Certified Consultant in the Birkman Method®. He received an Administrative and Commercial Studies Degree from the University of Western Ontario. Ian is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

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