I have worked with leaders across diverse industries including IT, finance, manufacturing, food and beverage, as well as non-profit. I have deep international experience having worked with executives and organizations across Canada, The United States, Central America as well the Middle East and Africa. I have developed expertise helping leaders and their teams determine exactly what they need and engaging with them throughout the process of meeting those needs. 

I am passionate about creating clarity through powerful communication skills, including listening deeply and asking the right questions. Seeing executives achieve extraordinary results excites me, watching people become high performers fuels my passion.


  • Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Birkman Method® Certified Consultant
  • Presentation Training | Messaging | Story Development | Slide Design
  • Presentation Feedback and Consultation
  • Public Speaking
  • Facilitation expert (off sites, quarterlies, high stakes engagements, board meetings)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Partner (from mission to values to action plans)
  • Core competency development (delegation / accountability / decision making, etc.)
  • Team Development and Training

Andrea Whitfield

With 20 years experience in the areas of people development, non-profit management, and small business, I have refined a unique ability to understand how people and teams in an organization interact both positively and negatively. I help people overcome relational roadblocks to become high performers that effectively contribute to a teams' success.

As an advanced certified Birkman Method® consultant I use objective data to help people understand and manage themselves and then others. I have worked with leaders and teams from varied industries including technology, finance, property management, engineering, manufacturing and the non-profit sector.


  • Birkman Method® Certified Consultant
  • Strategic plan development
  • Performance goals and measurement
  • Research and development
  • Operations