Core Applications



Motivate and empower those you lead



Communicate effectively and appreciate differences



Decrease turnover and improve morale


Increase success through self awareness

Leadership Development

Using Birkman for Leadership Development is not only a competitive advantage for executives, but also for the team and organization as a whole. True connection and understanding allow leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations.

Birkman provides insights that help leaders:

  • Leverage their natural leadership style

  • Know how to stay recharged

  • Remain effective in high pressure moments

  • Lead others in ways that will meet their needs


One of the biggest hindrances to successful teamwork is effective communication. In every team, people must adapt to successfully engage with one another, solve problems, and achieve goals. When individuals discuss behavioural insights together, they are able to appreciate, communicate, and leverage the personalities within their team.

Birkman provides insights into:

  • Interests and motivations that drive individual and group productivity

  • Differences to note and potential areas of conflict

  • Methods to communicate effectively with all behavioural styles


Finding candidates whose passions align with their role results in more satisfied and motivated employees. When coupled with the correct skill set and interests, organizations will see these employees thrive in their roles – decreasing employee turnover, increasing productivity, and improving company morale. Recruiters and HR professionals can use Birkman as a supplementary tool during the hiring process.

Birkman provides data that can supplement your hiring process by:

  • Identifying a candidate’s natural strengths and areas of interest

  • Selecting candidates that will be motivated and satisfied in their careers

  • Determining whether an individual will fit the organizational environment and culture


People are more likely to achieve success and see advancement if they are engaged in and enjoy the work they do. Birkman gives individuals a deeper understanding of themselves, the career options that align to one's natural strengths, how they are motivated, and what interests them in a career.

Birkman provides insights that:

  • Validate the career decisions and seek alternative career choices

  • Build personal awareness of the strengths and motivators that increase success

  • Find a working environment that feels both comfortable and challenging